A Love of Design.

We are three designers who all have three things in common – a love of design, a fascination with space and jobs that keep us tied to our desks. We wanted it to be sleek and sophisticated, to be tactile and beautiful and to make people interested in what lies beyond the desk in front of them.

Since the successful launch of our first products under the DeskSpace brand, we’ve become an established company with reliable vendors and hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers. If you feel like to know more about DeskX or cooperate with us, you can contact us directly at or simply go to our website for further information.


Adroit M.

letting our passion go far beyond the universe

Adroit graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins University, London. Shortly after she started working at a Swiss – German founded design consultancy where over the years she developed diverse design techniques ranging from luxury good to interiors…. and a weird music taste!

With a lifelong passion in the jewellery industry and anything related to the cosmos Adroit set up first company that specialised in timepieces inspired by the universe. Now she heads up DeskX as the brand manager with a key eye for detail and an intimate knowledge of luxury brands letting her passion go far beyond the universe.

Business Development Manager

Sotiris T. 

Fascination with space & astrophysics combined with the aesthetic flair

Sotiris graduated top of his class with a BSc in Product Design from Loughborough Design School, ranked top in this field. Straight a er graduating he went on to work for one of the UK’s leading product design consultancies brining multiple award-winning products to market, the latest being the Winner Award at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018.

Sotiris has always had a fascination with space and astrophysics and uses this passion combined with the aesthetic flair of a designer to help create the concepts for DeskSpace. Having worked closely with clients from a number of different industries, Sotiris then went on to set up a number of business ventures of his own. Using this experience he know heads ups the business development side of DeskX’s operations.

Production Manager

Alan K.

Generating creative product concepts through rigorous functionality analyses and engineering design

Alan graduated with a Master of Design, from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University that is globally acknowledge as a leading institute for design and engineering. Alan has won The Winner Award and The Honourable Mention Award at the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2014, and The Honourable Mention Award: Product Design 2016, presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Wesfalen in Essen, Germany.

Alan’s extensive experience in bring awarding winning concepts through production could with a keen aesthetic sense. He synthesizes technology and aesthetics in serving customers’ needs, starting from generating creative product concepts, through rigorous functionality analyses and engineering design of viable solutions, to their effective realizations up to international quality. Alan heads up production management, to ensure only the highest quality products are produced using a multitude of production techniques.